Green jobs for the environment

Rural Oregon is on the front lines of climate change. Talk to anyone who makes their living on the land and they will tell you that weather patterns are different now than they were 20 years ago. This affects the way that rural Oregonians like farmers, river guides, commercial fishermen, loggers and people who work in the woods make their livings. Instead of taking action to protect Oregonians from the looming crisis, Some politicians ignore these facts and attempt to play petty and divisive culture war games in order to score short term political points and keep the special interest money rolling in. This is at best short sighted and misguided. They’re selling out our future in order to line their own pockets.

The solution is obvious. We must elect climate champions who will lead the way to creating good paying 21st century green jobs in fields such as sustainable agriculture, regenerative forestry, and renewable energy. These green collar jobs will also create jobs in both blue and white collar fields such as design and construction. I’m a second generation “solar guy” and a 30 year veteran of the solar industry. Many politicians talk about green jobs. I live it every day.

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