Voters Pamphlet

This is my statement as it appears in Oregon’s 2020 General election Voters Pamphlet:

Candidate Statement
2020 General Election
Jerry M Samaniego
Occupation: Solar design, sales and installation
Occupational Background: Second-generation solar guy, activist
Educational Background: University of Arizona BA: History
Prior Governmental Experience: None
I’m a worker, not a politician, I want to work for you.
Like many Oregonians, I practically grew up outdoors. Much of my childhood was spent hunting, fishing, and camping. My
father taught me how important it is to protect our vulnerable ecosystems and preserve our planet for future generations. I
took those lessons to heart and have built my life around those principles.
Dad didn’t just teach me to love nature, he also taught me a trade. I’m a second-generation ‘solar guy’: I’ve been climbing
around on roofs installing solar panels since I was 15 years old. I know what it’s like to work hard for a living.
I’m running a campaign informed by my own working-class and conservationist roots. As your state representative, I will
be the most blue-collar member of the legislature. I have the strongest background in renewable energy of any candidate.
Coming from a rural community, I will be uniquely positioned to champion legislation on issues like climate and
sustainable housing that would bring good-paying, 21st century green jobs in fields such as regenerative forestry,
sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. This is critical because rural Oregonians live on the front lines of the
climate crisis.
I believe that healthcare is a human right. That honest work deserves a living wage. I believe that everyone deserves a
place to call home. I believe that women’s rights are human rights. And as a hunter and a gun owner, I support the Second
Amendment and believe in responsible gun ownership including stringent background checks and safe storage.
When I represent the people of House District 7, you can count on me to show up to work everyday, ready to fight for you
with the work ethic of all the folks out there who work hard to make ends meet.

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